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Endurance: Crossing the Storms

# Endurance # Patience # Problem solve # Finding YOU # Grateful

Endurance is a beautiful word. I recently talked to an admirable woman who has been through so much and thriving after crossing the rough seas. I reflected on my own miserable moments and thought of what helps people cross difficult times. Some traits that constitute who we are may be God given. I am thinking there are at least five spokes of a wheel that help it roll forward to a safe resting spot on a rough road!

  1. Endurance: Mindfully being immersed in watching what is going on, accepting for what it is, as a Tsunami that you have no way to stop. That way, I think that we can rescue ourselves from having to somehow control it. What a waste of time to control it?
  2. Patience to recognize the small parts that can be set right: Carefully put the finger on the aspects that need to be addressed, and find solutions. Solutions may not reverse the Tsunami (like a serious illness), but there are always things we can do to make parts of our life better or at least take tangible action to do the next best thing, a systematic approach. The hard times are turning points to the next best scenery of life! That is all.
  3. Reach out to problem solve: The ones that came out of serious problems with flying colors are (apart from time that solves most stuff) those that reached out to friends and support systems and recruiting them to help unknot problems. You/we are not alone! Choose well, and trust those that can be trusted! We have amazing people that surround us! It is alright to ask. At least, you have expressed and shared even if they always cannot help with everything. I am always surprised at the wisdom of people, sometimes even total strangers that respond and help!
  4. Bring it on, yes, bring yourself: I think bringing your innate resources is what attracts others to you in this journey. Share all that you have in attaching to people. All my friends have a signature stamp that attracts me to them. They know it as I call them WOFIs! Warm, open, fun, and intelligent. To explain more- ‘Open’ is being genuine and not putting on a show and ‘intelligent’ here refers to communicating, connecting, and commonsensical- that is all. Not Walter Isaacsons of the world. I think that if you give your best (that you already have), you will receive the best also from the others. Let me tell you, in reality, people can get sick of misery, if you/we constantly drain them. People seek fun, joy…so giving WOFI parts of you will help others to endure alongside.
  5. Grateful: Inward recognition of feeling grateful and outward expression of feeling grateful is the ultimate beginning and end to every moment we exist and breath! Stop rolling in self pity. You have license to enjoy some self pity. But then, roll your sleeves. There are always folk that are worse off than you/us.

In the end, it will all work out. Storms pass. There is sunrise after sunset.  I always wonder why life can’t be randomly very good for me for a long time with no problems. I laugh out loud saying life is non-randomly a roller coaster for us all. I pray for gentle rides so that we have the strength to cross the rough seas. And come out with flying colors, much stronger with endurance training.  All is well in this wonderful world! All will be well.

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4 Responses

    1. Haha! I hope you noted that each letter of W.O.F.I is orthogonal. Also VJ, I think, and from what I see, men are more open in sharing their inner thoughts to their wives more than to even their best (men) friends. At least, that is also what several of my women friends say! So I think ‘O’ is more fully true in case of women perhaps..I think men are less inclined to show their vulnerability.

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