Problem Solving Skill

I always asked myself a question. Is emotion processing better or problem-solving nested in cognitive behavior therapy better? I came to the conclusion that no matter what the method is, these are the steps.

Getting the emotions out, connecting the dots, and figuring out the trigger points is the first step. If you do not recognize and respect the emotions and connect the dots, anxiety and even panic attacks surge, often in a completely different context. They are like mini fountains set off by other minor triggers you do not even consciously connect. These on and off anxiety attacks are like a hidden viper that strikes from under a rug. You need to develop psychological literacy of your context.

After the context and emotions triggered by the context are completely grasped, then figuring out the solution would be the next step. This is when emotions become cheaper, though remain as a north star (as described above). That is when I suggest you take a blank paper. Draw a line in the center to create two columns.

Write out the problem in the left column. “Writing” makes it crystal clear with no “ifs ands or buts.” Try not to do it merely in your head.

In the right column: Make three side headings.

(1) Thoughts to think. Power through it, and say to yourself- I can do this (or whatever you need to amp yourself up).

(2) Action to execute i.e., concrete things to do to achieve the goal.

(3) Accept where you are at and practice patience, for, the endurance game is at its best.

Then strike out the problem in the left column and follow the clear path from your plan.

There are no bad days. Go from joy to joy to joy. Joy is not a treat. Manifest a beautiful life. Celebrate it. You can control only so much. Enjoy the passage of time. This way, even if things happen that hurt, you can pull yourself up at Godspeed. Recognize all the great things you have. You can argue with me (or your inner negative thoughts) or move on to keep it lighter and spirited. Let’s start at the basics. The eyesight, the hands and legs, and being alive and breathing. Be intentional. Your strength surges intuitively. Do not be frightened to say LIFE IS GOOD.


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