Thinking with Headlines

In our ever dynamic interpersonal world, one thing I noticed is loyalty and consistency helps in gluing relationships. Know that people make mistakes all the time as we are organic. Even closest loved ones can be irritable if stressed and in close quarters. Similarly, a friend may be out of step though you respect everything they do 99.9% of the time. How do you let go of these details and think big? Your logical mind races to dissect the anatomy of rights and wrongs. Not to say, you have your own blindspots more than you want to acknowledge. In the end, what I noticed what successful (i.e., magnanimous ones) people do is think in terms of headings than the detail in the text. The heading is- They are good people. They are yours. They are keepers. You navigate the course with these major pointers as rudder and stay the course of rich fabric of longterm relationships. With loyalty and consistency.

  1. Joanne 8 years ago

    I love the headlines writing. Myself and others go down roads that may not always be the best avenues. With that said I have found that some of my strongest relationships are with others who don’t point out my mistakes but celebrate my wins. I have learned to allow others to just live Thier life and don’t give opinions when not asked. The trick for me is family I always think I have the best answer for them. I regularly have to embrace the moment between reactions to slow my roll. Love you Mani

  2. Author
    admin 8 years ago

    Joanne, I wonder if we intuitively learn to restrain giving opinions when there are clear boundaries with outsiders. It is the intimacy that allows us to express more freely, such as in our own family right?! Recently, I am trying to get the hang of taking delight in just watching the action. I am convincing myself that it is my new hobby!

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