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Response to Life

Warm Welcome to You!

This place invites you to find inspiration and joy. All the four sections about thinking life, learning about brain and helping children in the roles of parent or teacher do inform each other. ‘Thinking Life’ is specifically for adults for designing a fulfilling life. I tried to demystify the brain, the operator of our thinking, feeling and behavior, with precision based on my knowledge through my fMRI research, published sources and years of learning. You can contact me with any questions or suggestions, and I will try my best to help.

Born in the east and having spent my adult life in the west as psychiatrist and neuroscientist, my roots traveled with me across India, New Zealand, Australia, and USA. Therefore, a merge in eastern and western philosophy, globally agnostic roles of humanity and modern neuroscience is not a surprising signature of my blog and my website –

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Very warmly, Dr. Mani

Thinking Life

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom- Viktor E. Frankl

This quote anchors me in daily life. It is amazing to note that the teachings of mindfulness appear in so many different ways including this very saying! Today, when I said to a friend that every day is precious since I read Tuesdays with Morrie, he reminded me of even the 12 steps program that reminds one to live one day at a time. Unless we transcend, these messages remain as cliches until perhaps some disaster hits us. Let’s not wait to realize till when things do occur that are beyond your control. We can live with fortified strength and peace as we reconcile each day to do the best we can. I think you must kick life into life and appreciate the gift of today. I will share some fun ideas on life and living.

Explaining Brain

Brain is the most fascinating subject for people, second only to the universe. Understanding brain has been my passion, with the generosity of youth and their families with severe mood disorders, ADHD and their healthy peers. What struck me is how even in healthy youth, emotionally charged experiences impact, though not necessarily derail, thinking due to the interface in the underlying brain circuitry. Scientists can now look into the brain through the imaging studies that serve as a window to the brain’s structure, function, the integrity of the cable connections between various brain regions. I will, in simplified and accurate manner, introduce to you how the healthy brain functions.

Helping Parents

My goal in writing for parents is with a hope of striking a chord with you in giving pragmatic ideas for parenting. I will share with you, my project “Feeling BETTER” based on how the interlinked thinking and feeling (cognitive and emotional) brain systems interface with the environment. It takes a village to raise a child, right?! I will explain to you in bite size pieces how to navigate the dynamic process of enriching the brain and the environmental interface so that the children feel, think and do better. The road to Brain and Environmental Training Towards Emotional Resilience! The Best is getting even BETTER!

Helping Teachers

Each day, you donate the best part of your day to the children in your classroom. I know that you are so passionate about what you do. I believe that your work would be much more fun and thought provoking if you can tap into the brain and environmental operations behind children’s thinking, feeling and behavior. That will open the keys to navigate difficult situations with ease. Children’s brain functions are still developing with all the the necessary skills to be mature individuals. Not everyone develops at the same pace, right?! Let’s REIMAGINE the classrooms, and shape the culture and policies through your informed eye. Children have the right to be understood. You have the power to do so. Let’s begin.