Corona and Conscious Choices

Yes, it is like living Sci-Fi. I asked myself how do I conduct myself and convey my thoughts in this very surreal time of danger with Corona. I divide this into three dimensions: Respect the somber situation, value the gift of time, and build memories through love.

Respect the somber situation. By this, I think of being respectful and appropriate. I think of this as following my social responsibilities, being cultured and kind and not being flippant. This may mean supporting family and friends mentally and financially. It is frightening to think of economic downturn and people being laid off. It is heart breaking. Friends are dropping food at the door step. Helping each other in loan applications, tips, and ideas. Reaching out to folk that need help and following news (just once a day, my choice) seem important to understand the gravity. Our son says if we don’t embarrass them with our caution in being careful with health risk, then we are not doing our part. I am upping my game with this!

Value the gift of time. I think there are oodles of downtime. Time is such a precious commodity. Use it to innovate, hack life, find the things to do that you never did before and want to do them. Let the creative juices flow. Dream, plan and be ready. Some of my friends who had to lay off people are getting ready to think of new ways to rise from the ash. Like new menus and ways to run their restaurants, write books, grow herb gardens, create music records, redesign their homes, computer-generated images in marketing, freelancing and so on. Stay at home moms are telling me that they are “Kondo-ing”  their homes, becoming teachers for their children with the E-Learning, and planting gardens. Someone said it is not in them to raise the spirits though they are so talented. Then, I thought of historic times of great depression when folk painted grim pictures in sync with the spirit. Even if I am sad, I like to make a conscious choice of maybe painting something spirited. Another thing is documenting all of these experiences through your lens in a journal. It is the individual timbre of response, whatever you choose to do. It is within you to use your inner strength.

Build memories through love. And for love. We are in it for the long haul. It is not going away anytime soon. Instead of waiting for grim scenery to arrive (coming to you or not), and potentially pulling others around you to sink in spirits, how about beginning with self-love? Spin some joy intentionally while you have your family with you. Play that Spotify and dance. I think it is my responsibility to teach my children the courage in times of fear (Although our son thinks I may be insight less; I think he is being protective of us being “the elderly”, but then all of us need to be careful, I get it). I know it is overwhelmingly anxious and so many people are exhausted with the increased responsibilities at home, being stir crazy with cabin fever, exponentially harder with financial hit and young children at home. I too have elderly frail parents living far away that I cannot get to. It is VERY sad. I get it. Lighten up on having to be the best parent in helping with E- Learning. It is not easy and it is not the end of the world. Again, it is a conscious choice to power through this. Feel it? sure I do! That said, we cannot cease to live, and must try to live optimally. I think it is important, as all of you are trying to do- cook, listen to upbeat music (songs like uptown funk, made it through the rain, happy ever after), see movies, read, laugh at the jokes that we share through texts and WhatsApp and much more. Use the free premium Nike app to exercise. If you are Netflixed-out, watch masterclasses. Or simply make that hot chamomile tea with lime. Oi, one thing, do not revert back to toxic folk just because you are lonely. I have seen some folk who are tempted to do that! On the healthier side, people seem to reconnect from even the school days, reach out to old friends, even those that never texted you before, with pure affection. You can be that person too! Give, love and appreciate. We all need you.



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