NEST through Pandemic

I want to give you some simple acronyms to find some stability and peace, and maybe extra joy for good measure.

How about this acronym- NEST: Nutrition+ Exercise+ Sleep + Time management!

Nutrition: Everyone has their own way of approaching nutrition be it keto, low carbs, high protein, vegan, gluten-free, calorie tracking,  delivered potions, or intermittent fasting. The idea here is to simply focus on what you put in your body that is healthy, and making sure you adapt to what works for you. How about thinking about protein and plant food more? Planning ahead on any day’s nutrition seems to help and drag us away from “bored eating.”

Exercise: Suggestion here is just to keep moving some. Maybe vary what one does such as cardio, weights, walking, yoga, or even housework or physically challenging job. Stacking with audible books, music, and films helps time flow faster. Sometimes varying the activities breaks the boredom. Alltrails is a great app to find nature walks around you. We all know this is not really to lose weight but mainly to reduce inflammation by generating endorphins and foster longevity.

 Sleep: I always tell folk to measure 8 hours backward from when you need to get up and add 30 min more to descend into sleep mode. Sleep is like a balm, so finding that recuperating time will heal and reset for the next day.

Time Management: It is not limited to your ability to execute all you need to do in the daytime. Catch here is to be “not spent” by the end of the day and enjoy the family or solo time embracing the fulfilling and restful activities. It is all about creating a “Time capsule” to intentionally appreciate time doing something to elevate the pleasure and joy to sustain.

If things get to you, find a Space, Surround yourself with Silence and Soothe yourself through breathing (Space, Silence, Soothe= 3 X S). Give a lot of grace to yourself with Pandemic. It is not always depression and could just be stress. Common strategies that help you to manage chaos around you are keeping it simple and small (KISS), practicing good manners and gravitas, observing more than reacting, and sealing any eruptions around you and within you with loving-kindness. Also, in case someone is irritating you, remember that there is a lot to like about a person than not. Reset.

Oh, think for a minute to imagine being your own best friend, pampering and prioritizing YOU. Ask yourself each day, Is N an issue, E, or S or T? Which part should I do better tomorrow? The idea here is to “design the recipe for daily routine” to fit the NEST ingredients. Say to yourself “I can do this.”

Let’s reconcile. N-E-S-T- away.

  1. Lakshminarayana Meduri 3 years ago

    Well said Dr. Mani Pavuluri.. thank you for sharing….

  2. Kimberly P 3 years ago

    This is a very refreshing reminder of self care. A great recipe!!

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