Lift from Sad Moments

We have the gift of life now, and I am emphasizing it doubly because of the pandemic. So when you ever feel sad for any reason, you can do this mental exercise by building perspective using three concentric scenarios from your own experiences. This will help you to reframe and lift you up in most situations, looking from the top of the tree. The idea is to not devalue your pain but think as though I am holding you in virtual arms to say it’s going to be ok.

First, compare now to the worst possible day of your life. Think for a moment. Are you better than that day and survived? Your difficult experiences are reference points in your life to scaffold you with strength. Your hardships are like fertile soil to grow your blooms and thrive.

Second, think of an amazing person in your life that is close to you but so less fortunate than you and is a source of tear-jerking inspiration. Think for a moment. There is so much to learn from this person, welling your heart with compassion and love. This would instantly make you feel a bit more endowed in life in relative terms, right?

Third, think of a photo or a scene of the harshest reality that you have ever seen in your life. I recall, for example, a photo of a starving skeletal-thin child in Africa crawling in the desert for food and water, witnessing begging Syrian refugees in Turkey with children in their arms, and dirt-poor kids on the streets of  India, trying to sell me pinwheels. No, this is not straw man’s argument. You will rapidly start to count your blessings, you know!

I do know that we seek validation for our own struggles. That said, I think you will feel lifted thinking in these three concentric scenarios, and find that it is not that bad really and that you have enough good things to go on. It is better being in “the wedding party” vs. feeling like a victim with self-pity. It is a choice we make. I am thinking you will be more than OK if you slowly reframe and develop perspective. Now you can begin to count your blessings. I believe you are strong.


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