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Helping Our Body With Our Mind: Family-Wide Issue

Let us think that our body is like a sacred temple that hosts us. We need to upkeep the host, our body, right!? Yes, adults, particularly beginning at middle age have slower metabolism. Beyond that, planning healthy life style is common to all ages. I recently read through “medcircle” that red wine- that is thought to help the heart health- actually slows metabolism. Similarly, egg white omelets are a pathetic idea as yellow of the egg has all the carotenes, antioxidants and good fat. So I began to think seriously that most concepts are multi-faceted and must not be taken at face value.

Let me begin with the following potential problems to get them out of the way first, especially for things easier said than done!

  1. “Small Potions throughout the day.” I think unless there is fixed routine and defined potion amount that you think through, this becomes eating small bites too often. Potion sizes fall by the way side if tempted with available food, especially when at home wandering around.
  2. “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.” Fruits have ton of sugar and anything in excess is lot of calories. In the name of vegetables or even salad, at times butter or heavy seasoning can counter what you think is healthy. It all adds up.
  3. “Eating out or order food.” Even if you order, say, fish and vegetables, there is heavy use of butter in restaurants unless it is steamed fish or lightly seasoned fresh vegetables. Too many fancy invites, too much commitment to eat the often-buttered food.
  4. “Writing what all you eat to monitor.” One can slack off in documentation. This task takes enormous discipline and may work more easily for all people, for a sample week to first understand your pattern of food intake.
  5. “Exercise.” This is important in increasing the quality of health and longevity in adults than weight loss by itself. Exercise is accessory to the balanced intake of food. I know folk who over-exercise and subsequently eat large potions. Also, in the name of building muscle, folk consume high calorie protein food. When exercise stops by any chance or not enough, they become overweight. It is like a seesaw. So, everything in moderation- makes sense.
  6. “Green tea.” Teens may not develop the taste for it or may do so with a dash of honey (well, better than coffee). This is good for all folk who like to drink hot liquid. This is helpful to increase metabolism, especially for adults.

Some Sustainable Tips

  1. Establish routine of eating and the type of foods that work for you.
  2. Keep an eye on the calories of each potion. Aim for snacks less than 150 calories.
  3. Buy healthy food and keep just the healthy food in the vicinity.
  4. Keep physically active. Not just exercise. Be proactive in moving around for any small thing in the house. No complaints getting the clothes to the washing machine, spring up and walk around doing favors for others in the home etc. If in cold weather and cannot get to gym or do not feel like it, you can do weights, skipping or jumping jacks at home.
  5. If you have a taste-seeking palette, try to use flavored olive oil, tasty vinegars, garlic, herbs, capsicum type vegetables and so on.
  6. Do not buy white stuff- white bread, pasta, and rice- in large amounts anyway, if possible!
  7. Check weight weekly, if not daily.
  8. Do not seek to over- satisfy your appetite. Stop short of being full.
  9. If you are the parent, serve the food our kids love AND is healthy (enough;)) with great presentation and in attractive way in small potions that look appetizing. This creates a neat culture of respect, artful appreciation and love. I often use cute trays and even carry what each member likes in my family based on time and how busy they are. They wink at me with joy as they receive it!
  10. Never restrict anything in total. We are human.


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